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Date range from Jan 04, 2021 through Apr 20, 2021
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CENXCentury Aluminum Company4/14/2021$15.054/20/2021$16.505✮✮✮✮✮9.6
LTPZPimco 15+ Year U.S. Tips4/12/2021$80.004/19/2021$81.716✮✮✮2.1
AEGNAegoin Corp4/9/2021$28.544/16/2021$30.826✮✮8.0
CHKPCheck Point Software Technologies Inc4/6/2021$115.424/13/2021$117.206✮✮✮✮1.5
VPLMSCI Pacific4/5/2021$82.844/9/2021$83.025✮✮✮0.2
LHCGLhc Group4/5/2021$192.464/7/2021$197.653✮✮✮✮✮2.7
FOXATwenty First Cent Fox4/5/2021$36.634/14/2021$37.188✮✮✮✮1.5
FOXTwenty First Cent Fox4/5/2021$35.354/14/2021$36.068✮✮✮✮2.0
AVGOAvago Technologies4/5/2021$480.304/7/2021$480.013✮✮✮✮✮-0.1
WTFCWintrust Financial Corp.4/1/2021$75.774/20/2021$76.5513✮✮✮✮✮1.0
WEYSWeyco Group4/1/2021$21.884/7/2021$22.644✮✮✮✮3.5
WBSWebster Financial Corp.4/1/2021$55.114/16/2021$57.1311✮✮✮✮3.7
URBNUrban Outfitters4/1/2021$37.284/12/2021$38.697✮✮✮✮3.8
UHSUniversal Health Services4/1/2021$133.194/9/2021$137.626✮✮✮✮✮3.3
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¹ Profits are hypothetical based on simulated trade execution at the next market-on-open after the trading signal