StockSpotter Indicators — Quick Start
FREE cutting-edge indicators for short-term cycle forecasting and trend analysis
StockSpotter Cycle

The StockSpotter Cycle shows the short-term cyclic component of prices. The indicator uses DSP techniques to remove the intermediate-term trend and noise components from underlying prices without increasing lag. The indicator is displayed as a grey sinewave of varying frequency and amplitude. Predicted cycle peaks are shown as red vertical bars and corresponding predicted cycle troughs are shown as green vertical bars.
Bottom Line:    A better visualization of short-term market cycles with the trend removed (detrended)
StockSpotter Momentum

StockSpotter Momentum can be viewed as a short-term trend indicator. To make the indicator responsive to changes in price momentum, the indicator uses DSP techniques to retain a portion of cyclic energy in its response. MESA Momentum is like the physical definition of momentum (mass times velocity) in that once prices reach a certain amount of momentum, it takes a significant push in the opposite direction to cause a change in the indicator.
Bottom Line:    An unambiguous view of periods of strength, weakness, and transitions in-between.
StockSpotter Trend

StockSpotter's trend indicator shows energy moving in a singular direction over the intermediate term. The indicator uses DSP techniques to remove the short-term cycle and noise components of price action. When green, the security is in an uptrend. When red, the security is in a downtrend. When grey, the security is trading in a range/channel (i.e., cycling). The DSP-based StockSpotter Trend indicator typically has faster trend detection, while at the same time, less whipsaws than classical trend-detection indicators such as moving average crossings.
Bottom Line:    A better way to assess intermediate-term trends, channels, and market direction.